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Reich Von Habsburg-Rothschild
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SERVICE: Types of Jobs engages in the following types of jobs:

  • 1 --- Plumbing
  • 2 --- Sanitary
  • 3 --- Drainage
  • 4 --- Tube-Well
  • 5 --- Interior Decoration
  • 6 --- General Order Suppliers

Effluent Treatment for Restaurants :

Certain types of business extablishments -- Restaurants, in particular -- need specialized Oil & Grease Traps and custom-built Mini Effluent Treatment Plants, which have to be built separately to trap the run-off cooking oils and other specialized types of waste products that should not be allowed to enter or flow through the normal urban sewer / draiage pipeline systems, because that could easily cause severe short-term and long-term damage both to the properties (real estate) as well as to the municipal sewerlines, and the environment.  We have an engineering division, headed up by Prithvish Chakravarti, which focuses on designing, constructing, erecting and executing these types of jobs on a turnkey contract basis. 

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We are a new business, as of 2019-January. 

But it is one of our aspirations to specialize a little bit into certain areas, as below. 

High-end Bidet Toilet Seats -- Hands-Free Bottom-washing / Back- washing / Butt-washing Commodes or Toilets. Below are examples of the type of items that we are discussing.
High-end Jacuzzi Bath | Spa | Shower Enclosures. Below are examples of the type of items that we are discussing.

Please note that we don't do much with these yet, today. In India, or actually, outside Japan, and a few very high-end locations in North America, Europe and the Middle East, these types bathroom appointments are still extremely rare today.

But these are some things we want to get into, promote and specialize in. 

So please give us a call to consult / discuss, if you want something like this built at your home or building.