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Hello, I am Tushar Parida.  I operate this business,

I am a qualified Master Plumber, with several years of experience in the field(s) of Plumbing, and related Interior Decor, Building Construction & Maintenance Contracting, etc. 


I am natively from Kendrapara, Orissa, but I was raised largely in Kolkata.  My father and his elder brother worked as Plumbers and Gardeners at the La Martiniere School(s) in Kolkata, so that's where we mostly lived and where I grew up.  As a result, (in addition to Oriya) I speak Bengalee fluently, and fairly good Hindi, as well as basic English. 


I passed 10th Class (Madhyamik) from Radhagobinda Bidyapitha, Kendrapara, Odisha (Orissa) Board of Secondary Education in 2006. 

After that I came back to Kolkata and started working as a Plumber's Assistant, for small wages, on which I had to support myself and my family in Orissa.

However, during the few hours when I wasn't working, or sleeping out of sheer exhaustion, I started studying again, on my own -- as my schedule, energy and very limited funds permitted. 

Finally, by God's Grace, in 2017, I was able to successfully complete my B.A,, with Honours in History, from Birupa College, Indupur, Utkal University, under the Distance Education program. I am the first person in my family to have graduated from college. 


Along the way, in 2008-2010, I also completed 2 years of Plumbing Training from the highly prestigious Jaquar & Co Ltd, one of the top manufacturers of Plumbing Goods internationally. Click Here to view my Plumber Training Certificate from Jaquar &  Co.


A lot of our work has been in Hospitals & Medical establishments, and in the Restaurant industry, both of which sectors -- Healthcare & Food Service -- have much higher standards (and generally even more urgent response needs) than other industries or environments. specializes somewhat in serving these sectors.  Click here for more


Below is a list of some of the places at which we have served : 

  1. RSV Hospital Pvt Ltd & RSV Diagnostics
  2. Atlas Health Point
  3. Sparsh Diagnostica
  4. Fetomat Foundation
  5. Kolkata Global IVF Clinic
  6. Arati PolyClinic
  7. East End Fertility Clinic
  8. Tak Heng Restaurant
  9. Calcutta Stories Restaurant & Catering
  10. Tiretti Restaurant
  11. Sunrise Commotrade Pvt Ltd Office Buildings
  12. Deli & Sausage Factory
  13. Atyendra Dialysis Center
  14. Bellona Nursing Home & Diagnostic Center
  15. The Shed Game Room & Café, Jodhpur Park
  16. Play X-Fit Studio Café, Lake Road
  17. ABCMCO Metallurgical Consumables Factories and Offices

In addition, we have also worked on several Residential Buildings and Offices, and Construction Projects.